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How to Introduce the Cat Climber to Your Cat

City Kitty answers: My family mounted my new City Kitty Climber on the coat closet door. I love having the climber in the same room where everyone hangs out. I use it every day and it helps me get the wiggles out.

Cat ClimberHere's some things we did at our house, before actually hanging the climber on the door.

  1. We laid the City Kitty Climber down on the floor before mounting it on the door. I got to sniff the climber, lay on it, roll on my back on it, and scratch on it to my hearts' content. Your well-mannered baby needs to learn that scratching on this cat toy is allowed.

  2. They encouraged me to run back and forth, pretending I was chasing something, while it was still on the floor by waving a feather back and forth, from one end of the cat scratcher to the other.

  3. I thought they would never get it up, but they FINALLY attached my new cat climber to the door. They got me started climbing up and down by shaking a wand midway up the climber.

  4. At first, I was a little shy about going all the way up. But gradually, I learned to climb higher each time and then back down again. Now I run up and down several times in a row, to burn off some excess energy.

  5. You might consider mounting a shelf on the wall to the side of the door at the top of the climber. I'm hoping my owner does that, because I want to climb to the top, and then perch on the shelf, watching over everything happening in the room.

My owners find it interesting to note the different ways cats dismount from the cat climber at cat shows. Some turn around at the top and jump. Some turn around at the top and just walk down. Some cats are huggers, gripping around the sides of the climber, slowly making their way back down. Some just inch their way backwards, getting back down the same way they climbed up. I'm daring - so I turn around at the top, stretch out a little ways, and then leap. Watch out below!

How does your cat dismount? My owner would like to add your story and picture to this page.