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How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

Logan"s KittyCity Kitty answers: Cats have a natural instinct to climb and explore. One of our favorite things to do is to climb high up in a tree and observe our domain below. But statistics prove that an indoor cat has a longer life span and better health. So many owners prefer to keep their kitties indoors.

The key to keeping me happy when I have to stay indoors is to find activities that parallel the outdoor activities I love so much. It is also important to provide "legal" ways for me to stretch, climb, and jump - giving me the exercise I need to stay healthy.

I'm happy to say, my owner mounted a City Kitty climber on the coat closet door for me, right in the living room where everyone hangs out. The climber tempts me to scratch, stretch, and climb all I want while they sit around, getting no exercise at all, watching TV.

One owner bought the wall mount model, and attached shelving completely around the room at the 6' mark up the wall. His cats run up the City Kitty Climber and run ecstatically around the entire room, or perch and watch to see who will dare entire their territory. Other owners have mounted short shelves at various points around the room, allowing their cat to leap from one shelf to the next.

How much fun is that - happy owners watching their happy cats having a good time! I'm happy - are you?